Why can I no longer open the notification panel?

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Why can I no longer open the notification panel?

Action Launcher supports opening the notification panel for the vast majority of Android devices. On certain devices, notably some Samsung devices running Android Lollipop and Marshmallow, the device manufacturer changed their version of Android in a way that prevented 3rd party apps from opening the notification panel.

Previously Action Launcher was able to work around this by using parts of the Android system designed for accessibility users. In November ’17, Google sent a notice to developers telling them to cease using this part of the Android system, or risk having their app removed from Google Play.

Faced with this situation, Action Launcher of course complied with Google’s request, and ceased using this now-banned part of the Android system. Consequently, it means that Action Launcher’s workaround to open the notification panel on these devices no longer works.

We know this is annoying to users of these devices, but given Google’s policy change, there is unfortunately nothing further we can do here, as we have no choice but to comply with Google’s request.

If Google have a change of heart here, or another workaround becomes available, you can be sure we will employ it. But unless either of those things happen, our hands are tied here. We can do little more than thank you for your understanding 😕.



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