What is the Action Launcher Supporter program?

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What is the Action Launcher Supporter program?

The Action Launcher Supporter program is a way for long-time customers to make an additional show of support in recognition of the value and utility the app provides.

It is a one-off, non-recurring and entirely optional in-app purchase that customers can opt make. The prices chosen work out to roughly US$0.50 or US$1.00 a month. You decide which price you’d prefer to pay.

Why would I become an Action Launcher Supporter?

Some reasons might include:

  • You use Action Launcher every day, perhaps across multiple devices, and would like to make an additional payment.
  • You recognize that the best way to ensure the app continues to improve on an ongoing basis is if it has a sustainable, long-term revenue model.
  • You have a strong appreciation for all that is involved in designing, developing and maintaining Action Launcher, and wish to reward this effort.
What do I get as an Action Launcher Supporter?

The main reward is of course the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting a product that you love, and knowing your contribution will help ensure Action Launcher will continue to be the best app it possibly can be.

But of course you’ll also get some extra special goodies as well:

  • A special Supporter badge, which will display proudly in the settings.
  • A bonus gift of three unique and exclusive Action Launcher themed wallpapers (that of course look terrific with Action Launcher’s Quicktheme!)

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