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The weather is not displaying at all

Action Launcher’s weather widget requires:

  1. The location permission to be granted.
  2. A valid internet connection.
  3. Android 6.0 or later.
  4. Google forecast to return a valid weather forecast. See below for more info.

Unless all of these are available, Action Launcher will display calendar/date information in place of the weather.

The weather that is displaying is inaccurate and/or unreliable

Action Launcher currently fetches the weather forecast via Google’s local weather service. In theory, this should work well, but it seems that in reality, Google’s weather forecasts can be unreliable, stale and inaccurate.

This is obviously deeply frustrating to us, as it seems like the type of thing developers should be able to rely upon Google for, but seemingly this is not the case. Even more frustrating is that Pixel Launcher displays an accurate weather reading, but seemingly fetches this weather from a different means to what is available to 3rd party developers.

Given these factors, Action Launcher’s weather support is currently an “Alpha” feature, which by definition does mean it can have issues.

Going forward, alternative weather providers will be investigated, but it’s a tricky problem to solve, as the reliable weather services naturally charge money for providing forecasts, which doesn’t really jive with Action Launcher’s one time in-app purchase business model. But we’ll continue to look into it.

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