Action Launcher is using a lot of memory and/or battery?!

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Action Launcher is using a lot of memory and/or battery?!

As of the v31 update, it is true that Action Launcher can consume a lot of RAM. The memory used by the app is largely dependent on the settings that have be configured by the user.

Features that are known to consume a lot of memory are:

  • “At a glance” and weather widgets. Currently Action Launcher uses Google Play Services for fetching the weather, and this can use a lot of a memory. We are evaluating what weather alternatives are available to us here that make sense business wise (we can’t afford to pay for weather forecasts for all our users).
  • Notification dots / unread count. Use of these features requires using Android’s “notification listener”. This is a known memory hog, so much so that Google don’t allow apps to use it on Android Go (which targets low end devices).
  • Google Now integration. This can use a huge amount of memory. As this is being written, it’s consuming 173MB on the Pixel 2 sat on the desk. This behavior is controlled entirely by Google, and it’s unlikely this can be improved on Action Launcher’s side.

If you are using some or all of these features, you should expect Action Launcher to exhibit higher than normal memory and/or batter usage.

Last, but certainly not least, while investigating Action Launcher’s memory usage we have identified certain parts of Action Launcher’s code that is inefficient, and using more memory than it should. You should expect this to be addressed in future updates.

Please know that performance is hugely important to us. We are committed to minimizing memory usage going forward. But if your setup sees you using Google Now, a weather widget and notification dots, you should expect this configuration will require significant device memory.

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