I bought the Plus upgrade but my purchase isn’t being recognized

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I bought the Plus upgrade but my purchase isn’t being recognized

Why does this happen?

99% of such cases occur because there are multiple Google Accounts on the device, and the Play Store app is configured a different Google Account than the one that purchased Action Launcher Plus.

How do I fix this?

First step is to check your Play Store order history to ensure you know the Google Account that previously purchased Action Launcher Plus.

After that, the you must ensure the Play Store app is checking for an Action Launcher Plus purchase with the correct account. The most surefire way to do this is to attempt to buy Plus again via the Play Store (don’t worry, Google Play will not let you buy it twice).

One of two things will happen here: Google Play will ‘wake up’ and realize you’ve already purchased Plus before, or the confirm purchase dialog in the Play Store app will show that Google Play is in fact somehow configured with the wrong Google Account.

From here, you should be able to switch to the correct Google Account, and your Plus purchase will be restored.

If you believe you have followed all the above steps and your previous Plus purchase isn’t being recognized as it should be, please send your Google Play Order Number to support via the email address you purchased Plus with and we will aim to look into this for you.

Why does this happen?

Ideally when there are multiple accounts on a device, the Play Store app would notify Action Launcher if any of those accounts have purchased the Plus in-app upgrade. However, what actually happens is only the Google Account that downloaded Action Launcher will be checked for a purchase.

We know only too well the current situation is a horrible user experience. We wish Google would change their system to check any of the accounts on the device, but this is beyond our control. It’s entirely up to Google to fix.If it makes you feel better, we’ve dealt with support requests from Googlers who are confused by this situation. We continue to hope for a proper fix on Google’s end.


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