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I have a feature request

Action Launcher has been released publicly for over four years. The most common feature requests that have been made over the years include:

  • All Apps: folders/tabs
  • All Apps: letter shortcuts
  • Dock: 1×1 widgets
  • Clock: hide the system clock
  • Folders: customize folder appearance
  • Home screens: disable edge glow on last page
  • Quickbar: allow the use of default/colored icons
  • Quickbar: center shortcuts rather than align to the right
  • Quickbar: display the Google search shortcut when using the action bar
  • Quickdrawer: add extra customizable tabs
  • Quickdrawer: add favorites/folders
  • Quickdrawer: add grid
  • Quickdrawer: move to right screen edge
  • Quickpage: custom grid size
  • Quicktheme: manual color selection
  • Search bar: hybrid action bar/search bar with custom icons
  • Theme support: support dock/action bar/etc. themes

These features have all been requested many, many times, and many will likely be added in some form going forward. Getting in touch to request these features (or variants of them) is not necessary. Unfortunately I cannot provide an ETA (even a ballpark) on when such features might be released.

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